Sunday, January 27, 2008

the breakfast club..

it might not be saturday detention - but it feels like it..

yesterday - and for the next two saturdays the nursing school is holding an EKG course on saturdays.. this class is an intense letcure/ workshop that lasts eight hours - and exhausts us.. by the end of the day were are bleary eyed and frightened at the amount of work that needs to be completed for the next week..

thank goodness this class only lasts two more weeks.. i don't know if i could handle a whole semester of saturday classes..


Chelsea said...

I love the "brakfast club"! My one and only saturday school in high school (we won't go there...why I was there) involved watching this movie. Keith is a crazy man. He blogs all the time...just look at my blog page and you will know what I am talking about. He never stops.

Anonymous said...

Don't listen to her she lies!

chara said...

chelsea - didn't momma deb ever teach you it's not nice to lie..
thanks for the heads up keith..
i'll keep an eye out.. this here is a no spin zone..

Chelsea said...

Thanks for being there for me friends. Here I had something to get off of my chest and you guys sit there and mock me. Now I know where my friends are and it isn't in cali or far, far, far away with that other one....what's his name....oh yeah Keith
Just jokin....nothing but love for you both!!!

Anonymous said...

we're not mocking you, just trying to keep you on the straight and narrow, you sinner.)

Chelsea said...

Invitation...there is a poker party at our house tonight....want to come?

Anonymous said...

Sweet invite!
Sorry, in case you have not heard, I have no life right know! I get up about six and go to a job where I cannot leave (at all) til 5pm...then off to Far away to work at the sponge(you see it sucks the life out of me). For sometime now I work there til 10pm ish. then I am off to far far away for dinner and a few hours of rest. ahh but the weekend you ask? I don't know one day from the next! I start Saturday at 6 and work til 10-11pm then go home and eat and sleep for a few and get up Sunday(skip church, cuz I also am a sinner) and head to the house to work til all hours only to start the week all over again. oh but this week has been different, you see, it snowed and so know I "get" to get up at 5am instead of sleeping in.
so, what have we learned? Bakatari has no life for a little bit longer, then, it's poker/party/camping/sleeping time all the time!
Sorry to bogart your Blog CharaChara! had to vent a bit!

Anonymous said...

Oh yeah! Good luck at detention Chara!

chara said...

poor keith - is there an end in sight?
and how does your family feel about the the case of the missing husband/daddy?

either way i don't envy you - i think i'd rather go to my saturday detention..

and the whole snow thing - yeah.. i don't anything about that.. i'm from southern ca - that's just crazy talk..

Kimberly said...

Who is Bakatari?

Anonymous said...
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Anonymous said...

who indeed?
2 years and they don't even remember me.
I'm like a human size Waldo!