Wednesday, January 16, 2008

a little bit addicted

so as you saw in the previous post i have a new project. (thank you Chara for calling it junk)

anyway, i've been scouring craigslist and ebay for parts and tools and such for the project and i might be a little bit addicted. but i'm getting really good deals so its all good for now. i can stop whenever i want.


LizardQueen said...

that's what they all say mr. ben. next thing you know you are mainlining motor oil and its all downhill from there.

i nicknamed jimmy's car M.i.a. because she is his "other lady" and he is always M.I.A. in the garage with her.

chara said...

lizard is right ben.. the first step is understanding you have a problem..

Chelsea said...

You go Ben.....Boys will be boys!

tacomite said...

there's an auction on ebay with 6 bugeyes all starting at $500! it's not an addiction if you can stop.