Monday, May 18, 2009

weekend getaway

last week ben and i heard that jason mraz and dave matthews were going to be playing at the MGM in vegas.. him and i both had the weekend off - so ben and i booked a last minute hotel, got us some tickets.. and road tripped it out to vegas for an amazing show..
hanging at the concert

you can't tell - but that's my boyfriend jason mraz
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Saturday, May 16, 2009

Disneyland with the Sister and family

My Sister Jeanne and her family came down to California for a little vacation and to use their Disneyland passes before they expire.

we went up and visited with them for a day and did Disneyland and all that

Here is Chara and Maddie shooting some aliens on Buzz Lightyear
And here is the girls on Jeanne's new favorite ride California Screaming

we had a good time visiting with them and are very happy that we don't have to do the 18 hour drive back up to WA

Thursday, May 07, 2009

and when i look at you i throw up..

this week i am so over vomit.. two nights ago - everyone of my patients vomited - including two different patients who had both ingested a liter of fluid that was a mix of cranberry juice, water, sprite, and contrast - (this mix is often used when people are getting abdominal cat scans).... there was pink vomit everywhere.. then last night i had a pt who had been drinking some cocktails, fell down and hit her head, and there was blood everywhere..
so - after three days of work - after all the pink vomit, and all the blood - i am so looking forward to the next three days off..