Friday, October 28, 2005

finally friday.. i'm free again..

this was my first day off in a long time..
had the greatest longest day.. met ashlee and eszter at ikea... took deborah to the pumpkin path.. had a family night at irvine spectrum... i'm so tired.. i'm off to bed..

deborah and the great pumpkin

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butterfly deborah at the pumpkin patch

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two of my very cute babies

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sissty and yayah

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loan and deborah in the ferris wheel

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Thursday, October 27, 2005

punished with poop

in avoiding studying last night i called my sister.. who makes me laugh..
a couple of weeks ago my sister told me that she feels like she touches poop every day (she has two little kids.. and changes diapers daily)..
so i called her last night and this is what happened:
sissy: remember how i told you how i feel that i touch poop every day?
me: yes
sissy: well i think God is punishing me for saying that because now i really do touch poop every day...
sissy then tells me a story about my niece going poop on the toilet - and because deobrah is such a big girl she decides to wipe herself.. and in doing so she gets poop everywhere.. on the toilet seat, on the sink, on the floor, on the toilet paper holder.. and as i'm talking to my sister, poor deborah is standing in front of her mom with poop on her hands, her knees.. and even a little on her face.. my sister is very upset.. and so she hold up the phone to deborahs ear so that auntie kai (that's me) can tell deborah not to touch poop.. that poop on the hands is in fact bad... and my sister has warned me that if i laugh.. she will kill me.. so..
me: hey babe.. did you touch some poop?
deborah (very sad): yes..
me: babe.. poop is icky.. it's not fun.. you don't want to touch it.. (i wanted to explain that bacteria transmitted by the fecal oral route usually causes bad GI problems.. but i refrained)..
deborah: but i just love you kai.. don't be mad..
ok.. so she is way to cute.. even covered in poop.. not that i can see her over the phone.. but i can imagine..
anways.. sissy take the phone away.. and keeps chatting with me as she puts deborah in the bath.. so now deborahs all clean, and isaiah wanted in the bath.. and now they are both happy playing in the bath..
and then all of a sudden my sister says (very frustrated): isaiah!!! i am done dealing with poop today..".. yep.. isaiah had indeed pooped in the bath..
now.. i didn't think it was possible.. but perhaps god is really punishing my sister with poop..

Wednesday, October 26, 2005

testing 1,2,3

i have an exam this thursday.. and i'm not quite ready for it.. so i should be studying. and i'm not.. because i don't want to..
this stuff is pretty interesting...
we learned that you can't give someone who has chronic obstructive pulmonary disease (COPD) more then 2 liters of oxygen per minute.. there's an interesting reason why.... in normal people the level of carbon dioxide is what gives us our instinct to breath.. people who have COPD have abnormally high amounts of carbon dioxide in their blood... since these people always have higher levels, their body no longer breaths in response to the levels of carbon dioxide... so.. it's low levels of oxygen that trigger the breathing response in COPD patients.. if we were to give them high levels of oxygen, their breathing response would no longer be triggered.. and they would stop breathing..
i know this seems stupid.. but it's great.. just think of how adaptable the body is..
the body is always trying to maintain balance.. and when something is broken.. a back up system kicks in.. it's amazing.. nerdy.. but amazing..

Monday, October 24, 2005

take it easy

today was my first day working at the hospital...
and i didn't faint, throwup, or kill anyone..
and i do look super cute in my scrubs..
so far this nursing stuff isn't so bad..
we'll see how i feel after next week..

Thursday, October 20, 2005


So when the power goes out at our house its very loud.

its loud beause i have 3 UPS backup power things spread around the house.

1 is in the computer room, 2 are in the living room, and they all beep when the power goes out. and they beep a lot.

and its really annoying at 2 in the morning when the power goes out and you hear the symphany of beeps coming from the rest of the house.

makes for some crappy sleep


Monday, October 10, 2005

And the great retaining wall is finally done... now i just have to fill in all that dirt. Yeah dirt!
Jesus loves horses

Thursday, October 06, 2005

Great day to be alive

Today was a great day.

There is a cheesy radio morning show i don't admit to listen to, but they do this thing where they give a top five of things they love today. Its a great idea, and today was a great day so here goes

#5. Early October... 90 degrees outside
#4. The reality that you can learn from your mistakes
#3. Playing soccer on a thursday afternoon with co-workers
#2. My job. It is awesome (see above)
#1. My smart and lovely wife. I am a very lucky man.

If only you could bottle this mood.


Tuesday, October 04, 2005

why i hate ben affleck reason #37

because he ruined alias..
from what i've heard.. ben affleck is responsible for michael vartan being kicked off the show..
alias already started to suck last season when jennifer garner and ben affleck started dating.. now he's completely ruined the show by getting vaughn kicked off.. now there is no hope for alias..
of course.. as my ben likes to point out.. i did get my very acurate info from us weekly..

Sunday, October 02, 2005

Last day in NY

So we had some time to run around our last day in NY.

we headed down to the Statue of Liberty in the morning, but there was a crazy huge long line to get onto the ferry and we didn't have that kind of time, so we saw her from a distance.

We then walked up to Ground Zero where the World Trade Center used to be. Not much to see there. Just a big construction sight all fenced off, but still quite moving.

We then walked over to Wall street area (see pictures below)

After that we took the subway back to our hotel, checked out, grabbed some lunch at the Carnegie Deli (big sandwiches!), ate them in Central Park, and walked up to the Natural History Museum. Here we got Chara a wheelchair as she hurt her foot the first day in NY by wearing silly shoes as we walked for MILES! so she has been limping around in great pain ever since like a trooper. But the wheelchair was a nice break for her as we raced around the museum and saw everything that was to be seen.

After that we tried to get over to Serendipity again for another Frozen Hot Chocolate which are just the most amazing thing in the entire world. But alas they are always on a one to two hour wait and we did not have such time. So we made it back to our hotel, and headed to the airport where we are now waiting to get on our flight. (we love jetblue)

Chara will take her Xanax soon and we will be limping to our gate.

see everyone soon

an amazing church near Wall St.
Ben and George on Wall street
and yes... we took the subway... and we actually got near where we meant to go too
some crazy animal at the natural history museum... crazy!
Any trip where one of you ends up in a wheel chair is a good trip in my book. Yes chara is OK, she just hurt her foot walking the great distances we did all around NY (she was wearing silly shoes)

Saturday, October 01, 2005

Ben and Chara on the observation deck of the Empire State building
View from atop Empire State Building.
view of the city from atop of the Empire State building
Ben viewing the lights of NY
Chara trying to figure out the binocular thingys
a great head thing above a door
Ben and Chara in Greenwich Village
Marcelleria, a great little restaurant in Greenwich village we ate at last night
Some pigs outside a very expensive Soho store


i hailed my first cab..