Sunday, March 25, 2007

family fun day

the fam met up at irvine spectrum today.. and we had a great time..
here are my kiddos modeling some fabulous eye wear..

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i have the greatest friends..

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Thursday, March 22, 2007

big baby...

ben won't let me start an IV on him..

Wednesday, March 21, 2007

chara's horoscope

not that i give any credence to horoscopes.. but..
today's google horoscope:
You have likely grown tired of your daily grind and now seek the simplicity of retreat. This isn't, however, about going backwards; it's about moving into a less complicated future. Today, it's surely "back to basics" so find new ways to finish your chores faster and you'll have your downtime to relax.

how did google know i don't want to study any more? i'm so tired of doing this.. i can't wait for it all to be over.. 3 more days till spring break..

Monday, March 19, 2007

truancy: failure to attend (especially school)

i finally got a chance today to call the admission department of the high school - where my kid apparently is skipping, and now suspended.. it didn't go as well as i thought,

me: umm.. i keep getting this automated call telling me that my child has been skipping school, and the thing is - i don't have children - and unless my puppies are missing school - i don't think you've got the right number

admission lady(not impressed by my humor): you don't have any kids that go to our high school?

me: no - i don't have any kids that go to your high school - i don't have any kids at all

admission lady(still not getting my humor): well, do you know any kids that go to our school

me: no - i don't - the thing is - i'm thinking that my number got put into your automated system by accident (which to me totally makes sense - because some one had to input hundreds of seven digit phone numbers into this system, perhaps they got one or two wrong)

admission lady(thinking i'm an idiot): so you don't know anyone who goes to our school?

me: the thing is, no i don't - i have no kids, i don't know any kids, i live in san diego - not orange county - i am no where near your school - i'm pretty sure this is just a data entry error..

admission lady(still skeptical): ok, give me the number, and we'll look into it..

yeah.. perhaps this is why california is not so much in the top ten of schools that succeed in actually teaching children.. it took me twenty minutes to clear up something that should have been taken care of in three -

and.. then around 7pm, i find out the admission lady did no such clearing up - and my kid is still in trouble for skipping school, and i'm still in trouble for being a bad parent, and not calling..

Saturday, March 17, 2007

the kind of thing you deal with when your a parent

on tuesday i got a call from cypress high school telling me that my kid had missed school/been truant. at first i thought i was funny.. i told ben that one of the doggies skipped school..
and we both laughed.. but then i got the same call on wednesday, and thursday, and twice on friday.. now it's not funny anymore.. i get the automated called around 7pm.. meaning i can't call the cypress high school and tell them they have the wrong number.. and then today i got the call that told me my poor kid was suspended for truancy.. and the nice man on the automated call tells me that i really need to call back or my kid will be disciplined further.. so it turns out that i don't even have kids, and i'm a bad mom..

Thursday, March 15, 2007

you know what i hate..

when you've been working on this 29 page paper for hours and hours.. and you just want to be done.. but you can't print it.. because you used your new lap top.. and your new lap top has windows vista - and windows visa will not recognize your printer.. so.. thinking you are all smart.. and about to be done.. you email the paper to yourself.. and then you try to print it.. only your other computer - the one that the printer will recognize- doesn't recognize your paper - because this computer doesn't have the windows vista program to open your paper.. and then you yell at ben.. because clearly.. this is all his fault.. and then some how is a genius.. and he fixes it..
damn you bill gates.


did any one see lost tonight? i really love that show..


sorry, our website is fixed and back up

my hosting company screwed up and broke our domain

should be back up and working now


Wednesday, March 14, 2007

happy pi day everyone..

Tuesday, March 13, 2007

needles and pins

back to school today.. we all practiced inserting IV's... i got both of mine first try.. any one else want to volunteer to let me try?

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Sunday, March 11, 2007

while ben's away..

ben's away for work this weekend.. so my sister, and my nursing school gals (+ one jimmy) came over to keep me company..
lots of drinks, dancing, and lots of fun..

yes.. that is my sister on my coffee table.. dancing..

flirt-tinis - yumm...
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Friday, March 09, 2007

booty first..

my patient today had a baby who was breach (butt first).. so i got to see my first c-section... it was crazy.. in less than 10 minutes they had that baby out.. and it was weird.. here comes this baby, who one minute was taking a nap safe and sound inside warm mommy, and was now all of a sudden getting tugged out, leg first by a doctor, into this OR room, which is like 60 degrees.. the poor thing was unahppy - and she let us know..
either way.. here is the lesson learned today - i thought C sections were a much better choice than a regular delivery.. but.. now - i'm not so sure.. it's not pretty.. then again.. the other way isn't excatly pretty either..