Wednesday, August 30, 2006

sunday funday

sunday we went up to the oc to visit my family... we had a great time hanging with the kiddo's.. afterwards we met up with our friends jen and dennis in irvine where they had a neil diamond cover band concert in a park... good times..
deborah and her uncle ben
messing around with my babies..
super diamond rocks irvine.. Posted by Picasa

Friday, August 25, 2006

They should not put nutritional information on some things

That Snickers ice-cream bar i just ate just undid all the running i did today.

You wouldn't think you could pack so many fat calories into something so small. Oh the wonders of science...

Sunday, August 20, 2006

Our Trip to Washington iin Pictures

Now that we are home and have good bandwidth, i can post more pictures and a couple of movies from our trip to WA. Enjoy...

Chara and I in Santa Barbara at the beginning of the trip. We stopped there for breakfast and stayed for the farmers market and to walk around. its so beautiful up there.
Ben and Chara in San Francisco where we stopped for Dinner at the Fishermand Warf. (good clam chowder)

The Warf

A building in SF where the furniture is trying to escape.

And now cut straight to Camping in WA. Didn't really take pictures of anything else on the way up. its all boring up the I-5 for a thousand miles.

Here is Jerry gathering some firewood

and Chara helping

Chara and Rhett by the fire

all was peaceful by the fire... and then the kids arrived
Gretchen and Jerry by the fire
Tim and Rhett by the fire
Who is cuter? Logan or Katelyn

Spencer and Bodi sitting by the fire
This time Bodi is wearing a hat

Breakfast over the fire the next day
And there was no shortage of hugs that camping trip
After breakfast we went for a hike down the river. the kids went swimmng. That water is so darn cold.

Here is a video of Spencer tring to surf on a log

There was no lack of hugs on the hike

even from Bodi

After the hike down river we went back to camp where the boys decided to Bonzai down a nearby hill

Here was the aftermath

Once that fun was over, we went for a hike to a peak where we could see the mountain

Sir Gandalf the green?

Throwing rocks down the cliff...because those rocks shouldn't be up there in the first place.

the view from hiking down... absolutly gorgeous
and back at camp

Ok, now back at home. My niece Sophie finally started to like me this trip.
we went over to Daves house for a meal and bonfire. Dave is teaching Chara to swim

Katelyn kissing the frog at Daves house

Later on we had a game night at Brandons house (I won...twice)Chara was helping Spencer master the game

On our way home from WA we stopped off in OR to visit Scott and Rebekah. We took a stroll around Eugene and it was beautiful
we fed the ducks. Chara's strategy was to thow all the bread and run.
they still chased her

Then we picked some blackberries. nothing better than fresh blackberries ripe in the summer sun.Then we introduced Scott and Rebekah to BJ's and brought home some Pazookies for desert while we watched I Heart Huckabees.
Well that was the trip. The next day we drove straight home to San Diego and we are happy to be sleeping in our own bed.