Thursday, June 28, 2007

bat phone..

today was awesome..

sometimes my job really rocks.. i work in the NICU (neo-natal intensive care unit) - and today the coolest thing happened..

we have a special phone on the wall - this phone only rings when some kind of 'baby' emergency is happening.. - today that phone rang.. i was right next to it - and it kinda made me nervous.. we answer the phone and we hear 'get to room 6 stat' - so.. we immediately run down the stairs, and across half the hospital - i know it is wrong... but it was the coolest thing ever.. there we are running across the hospital - everyone is getting out of our way - and we show up and they say, 'good - the team is here' - yes.. i was a part of that team..

we run into a room with a baby who is not pink, not doing much moving around, and not crying.. we do our thing - and it was awesome.. finally we stabilized the baby - hearing a baby cry has never made me so happy.. after that we were off to our next emergency..

it is very cool to be part of the NICU team..

Sunday, June 24, 2007


Man what a crappy movie Oceans13 was. pointless, stupid, no plot, impossible twists from the getgo. if you haven't seen it, save your time and money. wait for Oceans 40

Thursday, June 21, 2007

too long gone..

don.. it's time to come home.. the puppies miss you..

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Wednesday, June 20, 2007

california dreaming..

being in washington was great.. but being home is nice.. today jess and i went for a walk on the beach - it was nice and sunny rain...california rocks..

home sweet home

and the puppies are happy to see us

they were both up with me this morning very early wondering why i was leaving again

but chara is home with them so hopefully they are not too sad

now back to the email backlog...

Tuesday, June 19, 2007

Long trip, tired and heading home

Its been a long trip. Long, but great. We got to hang out with nana for a long time and it was marvelous. We watched the Andy Griffith show and i can't imagine a better way to spend a week. Our nana is the best nana in the world and we can't wait to get back up to washington to visit again.

but now we are tired and ready to head home.

we board the plane in 10 minutes


Monday, June 18, 2007

more family fun

we have been very lucky to have so much family time while we've been up here..

sophie making 'tortatillas' - what a mess

sophie and gilbert - yumm.. homemade flour tortillas..

sophie and kia watching thomas the train on my laptop - i made sophie wear head phones - because i am done hearing thomas..

ben and gilbert - fixing the stove.. with sophies help..
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Friday, June 15, 2007

and the good news is..

nana is doing better..
sorry about the quality of photo.. she doesn't like pictures of her.. so this one was taken with no flash..
she really is looking pretty good..

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true love..

my sister in law has this dog she needs to get rid of.. it's a german dausaund.. and it is the sweetest little thing.. i really want to take her home and call her 'roxy carmichael'.. but mister ben says NO.. we'll see who wins.. i think she looks a lot like "rizzo' from the muppets.. or splinter from teenage mutant ninja turtles..

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Tuesday, June 12, 2007

hanging with the nana

I'm up in WA now

hanging with the nana. she is napping.

Everyone else just left the house, so its a quiet now.

just me and the puppies and Nana

Sunday, June 10, 2007

this tatoo is great

its lasted 3 days now

i think i should get a real one...

i love it here

they all say my name the right way...

power hunting...

There is a new sport among travelers. Its called power hunting and its the sport of trying to find a power outlet in an airport to sit next to to charge your laptop.

i just found the mother of all spots in the Calgary airport. I'm sitting in one of those massage chair ports with the laptop charging. sweet.

at the Vegas airport i was just at a guy was hogging both power ports for his laptop and cell phone charger. not cool. i asked the guy to be able to plug in my laptop and he tried to tell me that there was a plug somewhere over elsewhere on the floor. i said how bout i plug in here instead. he relented.

anyway, i'm in Calgary now waiting for stuff to open so i can get my car and get on the road to Banff to sleep in my castle.

Saturday, June 09, 2007

deep fried fair

friday was dollar day at the fair - so the hobbys and the cotes headed down to the san diego fair.. we went - walked around, pet some goats, listen to a swing band, bought a magic squiggle thingy, saw some cool rocks and fossils, and ate some corn dogs, turkey legs, and lots of fried food.. and of course ended the night with the cotton candy.. we had a great time... and now we don't' have to go to the fair for another whole year.

eating fair food goodness

jimmy magic squiggle worm - no strings attached

the gang
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Tuesday, June 05, 2007

chicken soup for the soul..

why am i eating chicken soup for lunch today?
because the high in oceanside today is going to be around 65 degrees -
i'm ready for the sun..

Sunday, June 03, 2007

the nanny diaries

i have been MIA for a few days.. i took a little 'vacation' and went up to my sisters house to babysit her kids... and then i had to take a couple days off to recuperate.. taking care of the kiddos is hard work..
but they are super cute..
and.. driving the new car up there made taking care of the kiddos even harder.. because ben told me - if the kids got anything on the new car that he would kill me.. and I believed him..
so... it added an extra bit of stress to the trip..
i said to the kids 'seriously you guys.. if you put your feet on the car seats one more time- boo boo is going to kill me'
deborah took great offense to this comment - and made me call ben right away - she had to tell uncle ben that killing kai is just not nice, and that he's not allowed to do it, and if he killed kai he'd have to go to jail, and jail is not fun but you only go there if you do something bad like kill someone.. so.. he couldn't kill kai, but instead he has to love kai, because kai is nice, and we all love her, and so please don't kill her.

it was a very cute phone conversation - and ben promised not to kill me no matter what the kids did to the car.. but i think he was crossing his fingers.. because if the kids really did make a mess of the new car he would kill me..

later that day isaiah summoned his inner rock star (very jared leto) and had me paint his fingernails blue.. the thing is - the kid is three years old.. and he doesn't understand that painting fingernails is a 'girl thing' - what he does understand is that blue is for boys and pink is for girls.. so.. as a good auntie.. i did as i was told.. and i leave you with the picture that might embarrass this kid when he starts dating..

the very manly isaiah

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