Friday, August 28, 2009

Epic summer road trip - day one

Ok so we totally ran out of gas on the first day of our roadtrip. We
drove up from san Diego to san Francisco yesterday on day one of our
trip. Our car, a prius no less, has some issues with the gas tank. It
beeps to tell me to get gas and the. Proceeds to run out of gas 5
miles later. It should beep when I have 2 gallons left and thus
aproximately 90 more miles of driving, but not so much.

As luck would have it we stopped on the 101 right by a farm that has
thier own gas pump on the farm. So after some nice farm folk and a
gallon of gas that got us back on the road and down to the next gas
station which was only 2 more miles down the road.

After that we made it into san fran with no problems and we settled
into an awesome house we are renting. We are staying right by golden
gate park which is where the Outsidelands festival is taking place and
that's why we are here.

Looking forward to seeing some great bands this weekend


Saturday, August 22, 2009

night out..

so thursday ben and i headed out to the greenday concert down in SD.. - now i never would have called myself a 'huge' greenday fan.. but - after they ran around on stage for 2+ hours and put on the most amazing energetic show i have ever seen - i became more then a fan.. - in fact - ben had to stop me from quitting my job, dropping everything, and following greenday on tour..
they were pretty entertaining and put on one hell of a show..

the begnining

billie joe.. my new hero..

the crowd loving it..


Wednesday, August 19, 2009

Vote for me!

Time to vote my friends

I have two ideas submitted for the next SXSW conference and I need your help in voting for them so they will get added as part of the schedule.

As you may or may not know, I am working for a great new company called OneRecovery and we are pushing the boundries of online social networks and issues of recovery and healthcare. We are learning a ton during this process and meeting a world of amazing people and we'd like to share that information with others that may be interested.

In that effort I have put together 2 panels for the next SXSW (South by Southwest) interactive festival. This is an amazing event where very smart people of all areas come together to talk technology and its impact on all of us.

Please take a minute to vote for my panel ideas by giving them the ole thumbs up. It only takes a minute to sign up to vote. And if you have some nice feedback for the comments that would be great too.

thank you


Thursday, August 13, 2009

a weekend getaway

last weekend me and some ladies from work decided to get away for a girl weekend.. we headed up to the american river for some good old river rafting.. we rafted with a company called whitewater excitement. This company provided us a beautiful campsite for three days, two days of serious rafting, and 5 excellent meals. we rafted all day monday and tuesday, and then headed home tuesday afternoon..

sunday afternoon we road tripped it up..
here are the ladies unloading the van

marek and april 'helping' set up the campsite

we had a beautiful campsite called 'the meadow'

the view from our campsite

april enjoying some smores

Our second day started with the 'tunnel chute' - which is a tunnel that 'was blasted through by gold miners in the 1800s in order to divert the flow of the river away from the famous Horseshoe Bend. The Bend forces the river to be squeezed into a 100 ft long, 12-foot wide cascading spillway. The river then flows underground through a navigable tunnel.'
This rapid was the most fun.. the command our guide gave us was pretty much 'sit down and hold on'..
tunnel chute: the set up

tunnel cute: submerged

tunnel chute: the recovery

tunnel chute: success

this rafting was a blast.. we pretty much rafted only class III or class IV rapids, and we did it successfully.. we managed to never flip our boat. We did accidentally lose one of our rafters.. lizard was trying to demonstrate how slippery the boat was and managed to slip right off the front of our boat.. no worries - working as a team - we quickly had the lizard queen back in our boat where she belonged.. - other then that we stayed safe and sound, and had the time of our lives.. -
we had so much fun we are planning another trip as soon as possible.. - only this time i might might let ben come along.. after seeing the pictures - ben was not thrilled at being left at home all alone..
either way - we had the best time.. and looking forward to our next adventure..