Thursday, January 03, 2008

but seriously folks

usually being on the side of most conspiracy theorists i found this article interesting

the article is about pseudoephedrine vs. phenylephrine -

it's a very interesting read for those of you who have been disappointed in all the over the counter nonsense cold medicine companies have been offering.
i now go straight to the pharmacy counter and ask for the good stuff - good old pseudoephedrine.. i do this despite the fact that every time i have to show my ID, and every time i have to sign a piece of paper swearing that i will not make meth with my nyquil.

this is all very frustrating knowing that meth is still being made at a steady rate - which makes me think that 1) banning pseudoephedrine was a stupid idea and isn't working or 2) having people sign a piece of paper swearing they will not make meth is an even stupider idea and also (big surprise) is not working (right - like there's a code of conduct among meth makers which prohibits them from making an illegal product once they've signed a contract that they wouldn't)

this article explores the notion that this anti-pseudoephedrine law might have been less about americans safety, and more about profit for Boehringer-Ingelheim which is the worlds largest manufacturer of phenylephrine (the useless drug that took the place of pseudoephedrine)... i know - i know - total conspiracy - blame in on my lack of faith in congress and the pharmaceutical companies

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