Wednesday, January 30, 2008

chicken soup for the soul

despite my best efforts to avoid my super sick husband ben - i caught his lovely little 'sundance bug' -
i went from not feeling too well this morning - to feeling awful by this afternoon..

as i was coming home i ran into my super cute neighbor don - who saw that i wasn't feeling to well.. a couple of hours later don came over to drop off some homemade chicken soup that his lovely wife lou had made for me..

honestly - is anyone else lucky enough to have such great neighbors..

i just had to say a big thanks to don and lou.. the tasty chicken soup made me feel tons better... it was just what i needed..


Chelsea said...

I am so sorry you got sick! Good thing you were a nice girl....if you know what I mean. Well I hope you feel beter soon!

Anonymous said...

Hey Neb, how come they didn't bring soup for you when you were sick?

Ben.. said...

you can see who they like more ;-)

Anonymous said...

So is this super cute neighbor Don like 18 or 80?

Anonymous said...

glad that you're feeling better. as to the neighbor thing: it's all relative. our commercial fisherman neighbor brought back 10lbs. of fresh salmon last summer for us. the retired teacher next door gave us fresh trout in the fall. the davis family a couple houses over dropped all they were doing when dawn went into labor and i wasn't home yet to take care of her. john and pam handed out hot chocolate with lots of marshmallows while we sledded their hill. etc. yeah, i'd say good neighbors can be found just about anywhere. fresh chicken soup is harder to find i bet, so keep the neighbors you have!
dave and dawn