Monday, September 29, 2008

Julian Bluegrass Festival

Ok catching up on blogging from Scotty's visit down. We went up to Julian a cute little mountain town outside of San Diego for the Julian Bluegrass festival. It was very cute.
They had some great bands.Chara just wanted to talk about Obama all day.
We ran into Sara Petite a girl i went to high school with who now has a bluegrass band.
These guys were goodHere is Scott Sara and I
Chara is encouraging everyone to register to vote.
Then Scotty met Miss Julian. She really was stupid. Her mom was even worse.
Then we stopped at this little BBQ place for some dinner.

Worst BBQ ever, but best chicken pot pie you have ever eaten. And the apple pie is amazing.*cartoon bubbles for sarcasm purposes only*

**Chara hereby in no way here or on any other planet endorses Barack Obama for President**

***But Ben does***

San Diego Baseball game with Scotty

The next night we headed down to San Diego to watch the Padres play again. This time it was at Petco park downtown San Diego.

We met up with Stacey and her family for the game
Scotty teaching Madison how to cheer
Carson sitting on my shoulders
we ate more healthy food
My friends Matt and Jess showed up as well
me and the kids
Scotty and Madison

Dodger game with Scotty

Scotty and I headed up to LA for a quick tour around and a Dodger game. We hit up Santa Monica for some sights before the game.
we walked around the pier and 3rd street promenade

Then we hit up Roscoes Chicken and Waffles for some good dinner before the gamethe best food on the planet.
Then we went to Dodger stadium
beautiful day and sunset right before the game
we took my brother in law, his father and his son Isaiah for his first baseball game
the game was great. We watched the last placed Padres beat the Dodgers
And during the game Oregon State beat first placed USC. So along with rooting for the padres Scotty flashed his Oregon shirt at some Dodger fans that were talking about the USC game. We instantly became thier best friends. They wanted to talk with us for the rest of the game. We narrowly escaped with our lives.

And we left with a beautiful LA skyline.

Wednesday, September 24, 2008

Fishing with Don

Scotty and I went fishing with our neighbor Don this morning. Here is our adventure.

We got up really early and went out to the lake.

Here is Don and Scott
And here we are with the poles in the water
It was a beautiful day
And here is the first fish caught. Yes i caught it. Yes its massive. I have really big hands.
Don then caught one and many more after.
Scotty finally caught one as well.
Here is another of Don's catches
Here is Scotty fighting a monster
and another one in the net
Here is a double catch by Don and Scotty
Here perhaps is the smallest cutest fish ever. The worm to catch it was bigger.We had a great time fishing at the lake. Caught a few. Had a few nibbles. No real big catches today. But we did get to watch skydivers jumping all day and had a fun day at the lake.

Monday, September 15, 2008

Trip to WA - The Puyallup Fair

while up in WA we it up the Puyallup Fair. Its a great time with great fair food and fun things to walk around and see.

Our friends came out to the fair with us. Here is James and Jerry wearing their cowboy gear.
we all did the big yellow slide. Here are the girls, Chara, Chelsea and momma Jane.
The girls again in front of a duck
Chara and Chelsea at the beer/wine garden. we spent a lot of time there.
and then after Chara was tired and was pulled around in a wagon.
and then she was very tired and done with the fair. Her and Brandon protested their tiredness and we left shortly there after.
we had a great time with great food and great friends to hang out with. I wish we could have stayed up in WA longer and could go to the fair again. I think Chara will never want to go to the fair again. But she did enjoy the food and wine tasting.

Our trip to WA - The Poker Party

We had a little get together at Brandon and Chelseas house for a poker party and to hang out with friends.

Here is Chara with PaulChara, Tracey, and Stacey on the floor
More girls on the floor
Gretchen, Brandon and Tracey in some more dancing/partying
Stacey, Tracey and Brandon dancing
Gretchen and Chelsea big hug
Ben, Brandon and Stacey
And the whole gang.