Wednesday, November 28, 2007

Beautiful Sunset

I looked out the front door the other day and noticed this...

I grabbed the camera and took a few pictures. It was beautiful.



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Tuesday, November 27, 2007

looking for a meth lab

so they don't make over the counter drugs with pseudoephedrine in them anymore because everyone was buying them and making meth. So now i'm stuck here miserable because i can't get any good drugs to clear up my head. So if anyone knows of a good meth lab around, let me know. I don't want the meth, i just want the pseudoephedrine that i can't get at the stupid drug store!

sinus infections suck


Friday, November 23, 2007

the Black Friday adventures

we don't buy a lot of junk normally

but its fun sometimes to get up at the crack of dawn with a bunch of other lunatics and hunt down the bargains.

Anyway, we headed out this morning for the Black Friday sales. We only hit Fry's and then came home and napped. The line was INSANE, but i got almost everything i wanted on my list.

Here is the video of the line right before the store opened.

Yes the line wrapped around the store and then down the street and around the corner

Tuesday, November 20, 2007

cool picture

Tuesday, November 13, 2007

Our Nana

Our Nana is gone to heaven

Sunday, November 11, 2007

visiting nana in WA

Chara and I made a last minute trip up to visit our Nana.

she is sick and not doing so well, so we are up here helping my sister take care of her.

we are now just all hanging out in her room. She is sleeping in her chair and Chara is on her laptop and my mom is playing Chara's DS playing Brain Age. good times

we were planning to come back on Tuesday, but we may extend our stay to continue taking care of our Nana


Monday, November 05, 2007

Officially getting old

I just did something I've never done before and something i accredit to old people.

I gave money to a presidential candidate. Who does that? old people. I'm old. Or at least getting there.

I'm not a political person and am usually very disenfranchised with the whole process, so this was part of that. I felt it was important to put some money behind someone i believed in. I have great cynicism toward the system and i've seen that play out in spades in the media and how it views the current roster of political hopefuls.

I gave my money to Ron Paul, because i believe he is truly different than any of the other parties running and would actually bring a change instead more of the same from a new name. I believe in many of the things he is promoting and i have great hopes that we can make some good changes with him in office. Check him out if you haven't heard him. Listen to his ideas. they are truly refreshing.

His supporters were having a fund raising push today and he has raised almost 6.9 million today alone. That is a lot of people putting their money where their mouths are so to speak.

Sunday, November 04, 2007

good clean fun

the weekend started with a trip to sissy's place in la - a stop over for us ladies to rest up before the big day..
we hung out, went to the grove, and played with the kiddos.. much fun..

deborah showing melody her reading skill

isaiah aka the ladies man telling lizard a about his plans for his birthday party

we headed off sunday AM to san dimas to get our race on..
this race is a 6-7 mile race, where you and a partner alternate biking and running - at the end of the race there is a giant mud pit that you and your buddy crawl though.. good times..
now.. i have been training for this race for months - and have done mini muddy buddies in the gym - meaning i would run a mile and bike a mile six different times... i felt i had prepared.. not so much..
turns out there was nothing i could have done to prepare me for this.. the whole entire race was either straight up hill, or straight down hill - mixed with a little more uphill action.. there a total of one flat area.. the hills were so steep that most racers didn't even attempt to ride their bikes... the runners passed the bikers every time.. it was insane.. needless to say i was most unhappy that my 'buddy' (yeah.. that's you jo jessica) had 'tricked' me into even attempting this event..
but.. at the end of the six miles.. there was this pit.. a giant pit filled with mud that we all as a group got to crawl through.. crawling through mud with my girls made the whole thing mostly worth it..

pre-race.. all clean - and happily unaware of what's up ahead..

the charo bringing it home.. last stretch of the race.. i think it's the only time i actually rode the bike..
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oh my god we're done..

the two crazies int the white helmets are the charo and jo jessica, melobeast and lizard are to the left, lizard in the blue, beast in the red

my team kicks ass..

and the post race photo..
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everyone just tossed their shoes away..

melody about to be baptized with a hose..

getting clean was just as fun as getting dirty

the race is on..

the girls and i ran/biked the muddy buddy this weekend..

i promise more pictures to come.. but for now i need to take a shower..

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Friday, November 02, 2007

working for the weekend..

today was my last psych clinical..

that means for the rest of the semester i have fridays off - no more alarms going at at 4am waking my sleepy self up - no more driving to san diego to be at class at 645..

for the rest of the semester i have four day weekends.. today was a good day..