Monday, July 30, 2007

Chara's a big nerd


Chara went to Comic-Con with me

here she is with Caveman Robot

she was too scared to get her picture taken with Wolverine
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Tuesday, July 24, 2007

take me home..

this last week i have been in washington state with ben's family... ben's whole family was moving into one big house - and they needed someone to come up and sit with nana, and the girls.. so i took a week off and headed up to the great rainy washington..
i am home now - which is nice.. but i thought i'd post photos.. perhaps unfairly i post many pictures of my niece and nephew - so here is ben's side of the fam..

this is hailey (she wants to be hilliary duff when she grows up) - she doing her very best hollywood pose

this is sophie - she changes her clothes 47 times a day... at this point she was in a swim suit and hat and gloves..

and here is maddie holding the new puppy (which i wanted to take home.. but ben said no)..

..the move was successfull - and nana is doing better.. so for the time being all is good in the northwest..
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Saturday, July 21, 2007

words of wisdom..

this week i have been up in washington visiting with ben's nana..
tonight nana and i had a discussion about what it takes to make a good marriage..
nana told me that she had been married to papa for 50 years - and never fought one time.. sure they had disagreements, but they never fought.. i asked her what the secret was, and she said...
'when you get mad, you go into the bathroom, count to ten, wash your face and hands, and say a prayer.. when you come out you'll be a whole different person'...
how very cute is my nana..

Sunday, July 15, 2007

day two

we spent the first day of our 48 hour film festival brain storming, and filming our 'horror' film.. yesterday we spent the whole day filming our take on an office romance.. and then as of last night ben, federico and co started the arduous task of editing.. ben didn't get home till 3am last night - and was up early today editing.. the films get turned in at 7pm today... it'll be nice to have my husband back..

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Saturday, July 14, 2007

and the 48 hours begins

We started friday night,and we have until Sunday night to create a movie. Two movies actually, as we have two teams this year. But we are all doing both movies as one big group. we'll see how well that works out


Here is Me and Federico setting up a shot


Here is Chara giving her Oscar winning dead performance. she didn't want to act, but as you can see she was born to do it.
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Friday, July 13, 2007

incommunicado no longer..

no i haven't found my phone - but after having to use a pay phone which cost $1.75 yesterday and tearing apart my bedroom and not finding the damn thing - i dug up my old phone - everyone can now feel free to call and or text me continually...

Tuesday, July 10, 2007

from the mouths of babes..

my 5 year old niece deborah called me today - at noon - and of course i couldn't answer my phone - because i don't know where it is...
deborah tells me (and i'm not joking)
'kai - i couldn't call you today'
and i said, 'yes.. that's because i lost my cell phone'
and deborah says, 'you know kai - you should put your phone in the same place every day... other wise you know what"
and i said 'what'
and deborah says, 'this kinda thing is going to happen' -

what a little smart ass..

Sunday, July 08, 2007

update update

still can't find the damn phone

and the floors were stained... and then promptly removed

yes we tore out all of the concrete we put in. all two layers of it...

and it actually was the first thing in a while that felt good. the damn floor is out, we got some paint on the walls and its getting there.

now we need to decide what flooring to put in

progress is being made...kind of

two steps backward... one step sideways

Friday, July 06, 2007


the project is back on track.. the floor is ready to be prepped for staining.. and i still can't find my damn phone..

Project from hell

why does Jesus hate me?

everything i do to try to fix this project o'mine comes out worse and costs me 100 dollars at home depot

the more i think about it, that room was fine the way it was

Thursday, July 05, 2007

sticks like glue..

day two of the project didn't go as well as day one.. the glue that was used to hold the carpet padding down wont come off.. no matter what we try - and we have tried everything.. including: steam, a blow torch, acetone, a floor stripper, cider vinegar, - and tons of elbow grease - it just wont come off... so - i guess we're on to plan b - we just have to figure out what plan b is..

project: day one

our forth of july was spent working on our guest bedroom - we made a lot of progress -
day one we got the old window out, new one in, carpet out and all the tack strips up..
for the most part it was a cool day - which was nice - i thought we were going to die in the heat..
everything is going pretty smooth - except in all the construction i lost my phone - so if your trying to get a hold of us - call ben's phone..
our next project is cleaning the floors - which means we're going to have to figure out how to get old carpet glue off of concrete.. doesn't look like it's going to be easy... any one have any ideas?

old window is out

prepping for new window

showing off some mad skills

new window is in
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more pics

ben texturing the ceiling

texture is finished

out with the old carpet

finishing floor prep
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Sunday, July 01, 2007

snow ball effect

for some reason one of our dogs has decided that she likes digging in one specific spot in our guest room.. after doing this for five years - she has worn a hole in the carpet.. so i tell ben, 'hey honey - why replace the carpet? let's just do a cool concrete polish thing?' - and this starts the snow ball effect.. now we start thinking, 'if we are taking out the carpet, we might as well get rid of the pop corn ceilings' - and then we might as well paint the walls, and perhaps a new bed, and who knows what else.. right now we are knee deep in construction project 2007..

pop corn cellings are off - now ben's sanding the ceilings, getting ready to add a new texture to them..
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