Tuesday, January 22, 2008

muy excited

through the miracle of clinicals and nursing school i don't start my wednesday class till next week..
so.. to celebrate that, and to celebrate our last, first day of nursing school - some of my friends are coming over for a get together..
tonight i am looking forward to enjoying this:


this is a bottle of plum wine made with love and sent to us by our friend keith mccoy up in WA -
so tonight - i open and enjoy, and we celebrate..

thanks for the wine keith.. i'm sure it will be fabulous..
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Kimberly said...

Keith's oh so excited to see a picture of "his wine"! But he wants to make it very clear that this is only his first try. Please don't immediately judge all of his wines by this bottle! He assures that they will get better!
ENJOY!!! =)

Ben.. said...

Nice picture chara. You make a hubby proud

chara said...
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chara said...

no worries kimberly - i promise not to judge too harshly..
ben is currently in utah - and handed down the good word that i was not allowed to enjoy the wine without him..
so.. we will be busting that baby open and enjoying it as soon as he gets home.. i'll let you know just how great it is then..

Anonymous said...

The next one will be a nice Merlot!

chara said...

hmmm.. merlot... yummm..