Friday, January 18, 2008

movie night..

normally i am not the biggest fan of movies -
but tonight is the premier of 'cloverfield' - which i'm pretty excited about..
cloverfield was produced by jj abrams - who is also in charge of lost - this is what gives me my doubts.. truly i think jj abrams is a genius - but three seasons into lost and we still have more questions than answers - and we have yet to see a real monster..
so i am very excited about tonight - but i fear that when we actually see the monster - it will be a disappointment similar to the time i saw the lame ass giant spider at the end of IT.. please don't disappoint me mr abrams.. i'm counting on you..


tacomite said...

there's always alias on dvd!! you can borrow ours next time you come up to washington!!

chara said...

yes - but even with alias that whole rambaldi mystery was never solved..

LizardQueen said...

it was soooooo awesome. i would be upset if i had not seen it on the big screen. thanks mr. ben for letting us know what the whisper said! i wish there was more stuff like that in the movie. i like when he does that stuff on lost. creepy!