Wednesday, March 01, 2006

Free Money

Most financial advisors would warn people away from credit cards and thier evils blah blah blah

But let me tell you. Getting a fat check from American Express and another fat check from my REI Visa both in the same week is an awesome thing. Couple that with winning the chili cookoff and subsequently returning the prizes to William Sonoma so Chara could get her red spatulas, we have had quite a fun spending spree...all with free money.


Note: i should warn that having a credit card give you 1-2% back if you carry a 18% interest balance is not smart. Its supid. So only attempt this is if you don't have a balance on your credit cards.

Chara having some fun shopping at the mall


Chara with her new red spatulas

and some guy with obviously too much money.

we saw this guy at the farmers market and watched him try to turn a corner in a normal parking lot. very amusing as people watched and commented on his apparent lack of manhood.


Brandon and Rachel said...

So much fun stuff going on over there! Glad you have been able to spend time with my sister. She sure does love you guys, as do I. Miss you!

chara said...
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chara said...

sissy rachel.. we miss you so much..
we heard you passed your boards.. and we are so very proud.. you aren't updating your blog any more so we can't keep up.. let us know about this new blog.. and let us know when you are coming home.. we can pick you up from the airport..