Thursday, March 23, 2006

red tape

i get an email about two weeks ago from my professor saying that i need to get my
hep b shot.. which is weird because i have already gotten my hep b shot.. for some reason sdsu doesn't believe me.. that's not a problem.. i just needed to go down to the nursing office, and get a waiver saying that i have certain 'personal beliefs' that prevent me from getting another hep b shot.. so.. i do that.. problem taken care of... or so i thought..
last night i get another email from my professor saying that i still haven't taken care of my hep b problem.. and that i need to take care of it or i will no longer be able to attend class... ok.. now it's a problem.. i then take my little waiver down to sdsu's nursing office, and show it to the person in charge, proving that i am compliant, and there is no need to exclude me from class.. and the person in charge says to me.. that although i do have the right paper, the school of nursing requires another peice of paper.. so.. i have to take my paper (paper a) that i already have and lug it across campus and show it to the health center who will then give me another paper, (paper 'b').. then i have to hike paper 'b' all the way across campus back to the school of nursing.. and then i will be compliant.. i head out on my way..all the way across campus.. and guess what.. health center is closed from 12:30-1:30.. and i got there at 12:35..
so far this is not a good day..

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