Thursday, March 16, 2006

another day lost in Amsterdam

ok.. note to anyone who is going to visit the beautiful city of amsterdamn... bring a gps device with you.. this city is super hard to navigate.. we spent hours last night wandering around, somehow one street from where we wanted to be, but never really making it to our destination.. this morning we headed out to see Anne Franks house.. which was very interesting.. and very hard to find..
Anne Franks house is on a street called prisengratch, which has two sides to the street, and is seperated in the middle by a canal. On one side the numbers go down from left to right. On the other side the numbers go up from left to right. the numbers don't correspond on both sides of the street. You are on one side of the street at 400 prisengratch, and on the other side of the street there is 200 prisengratch.. and the best part is, because of that system, all numbers appear twice, once on each side of the same street. There are two diffent buildings for 400 prisengratch, but on different sides of the street.. and you don't know which is which till you get to prisengratch 400, and are told it is the wrong prisengratch, and that you need to go to the other side of the street and walk the other way.. seriously.. there is no prisengratch east or west.. just one street. with very confusing street numbers..
anyways.. considering it took us so long to find our hotel.. we decided to head back to germany, to allow for time to get lost.. armed with map quest directions (surely we can't get lost with map quest by our side) we headed out.. the very first street that we were supposed to follow was blocked off for construction.. only there are no signs saying anything like that until you get right up to the construction.. so.. ben had to drive backward on a one way street.. good times.. right away map quest has failed us.. though i'm not blamming it on map quest.. i'll blame it on crazy amsterdam..
we finally found the freeway.. and we were home free.. the rest of the trip was uneventfull.. we found our way back to our german hotel surprisingly easy, and now we are happy and warm, and trying to figure out what we crazy adventure we will do tomorrow..

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Brandon and Rachel said...

Beautufl pictures! Love you guys, be safe.