Friday, March 10, 2006

almost there

We are now in Zurich...

Well we arrived late into LAX after getting stuck in traffic, getting on the wrong freeway etc

but we made it to LAX with an hour till our flight and Chara in the middle of a miocardial infraction (heart attack)

her conditioned worssed when we go to our airlines counter, where there were no airlines personel. Apparently they were closed and went home for the day. Our nice luggage handler/security person found someone for us who informed us that even though we booked the tickets through that airline, they put us on another airline.

fine, whatever

so we made our way over to the other airline where they told us they were running late. perfect, so were we. But thier late was much more than our late.

bottom line, we left several hours later, we already missed our connecting flight in Zurich at that point, so they re-routed us through Munich to Hannover. So one extra flight, and we will be in later than expected, but no big deal.

Ben and Chara...

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