Monday, March 13, 2006

play your own kind of music

this jet lag thing is no fun..
we had a very full day yesterday.. and i didn't even take the nap i so wanted.. figuring that the more i stayed awake yesterday.. the better the sleep last night.. we went to bed around midnight.. and around 3am i wake up.. i'm wide awake.. i cannot go back to bed.. and i'm bored.. this was not good.. poor ben slept through my many attempts to wake him.. and let me tell you the strangest thing about our hotel room.. the tv shows are all in german.. which sucks when you are up with nothing else to do at three am.. but that's not the weird part.. because of course.. we are in germany.. the tv shows should be in german.. but.. they have some TV stations, playing no shows, but playing music.. american music.. i swear to the good lord.. i got ready this morning listening to the 'eye of the tiger'.. strange..

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