Tuesday, March 14, 2006

We made it to Amsterdam... barely

So we found a new fun game to play as we arrived into Amsterdam today. Its called, find the street sign.

Its not bad enought that all the signs are in a foreign language (the nerve of them foreigners), but Amsterdam does this really cute and charming thing of putting the street sign on the far corner of the building on that street. And by far corner, I mean FAR corner. So far in fact that being on that corner at an intersection you can't see the sign, let alone read it. The other wonderful thing is that there is no lighting on these teenie tiny signs.

You too can play along at home in this game. see the picture below and see if you can spot the street sign.


See it? Yeah, fun game huh?

Hint 1. its on the right
Hint 2. its above the window
Hint 3. its directly below the Dikker sign above the drug store window

This was the first part of the fun game. The second part was seeing all the street names that were so alike right next to each other

So Princengracht is right next to Passerdersstr which is right near Prussenstrat.

yeah good times.

but we are here now and never leaving. Only because we probably couldn't find our way out of this wacky town if we wanted to.


Oh yeah and a big thanks to Visa for putting a hold on our card the day we left for Europe. Yeah, that was awesome! thanks so much. Posted by Picasa

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