Tuesday, October 23, 2007

latest from union tribune

*as of right now this is the fire that concerns me the most..

Rice Fire update
Posted @ 7:32 AM

Here are the latest statistics regarding the Rice Fire:
* 6,100 acres. Zero percent contained.
* One injury.
* 500 homes destroyed, 30 damaged.
The fire is burning on both sides on Interstate 15 towards Fallbrook as well as to the north said, Cal Fire Capt. Don Camp. The blaze may merge with the Rosa Fire in Riverside County.

The fire is burning in the Santa Margarita and Sandia Creek drainage areas. Fallbrook could be threatened in the next 12 hours. Fallbrook and Oceanside could be threatened in the next 24 hours, Camp said.

Winds are at 50 mph. The temperature is 60 degres and the humidity is 10 percent, Camp said.


LizardQueen said...

it is scary but the wind is in our favor, onshore flow right now. and unless vista starts burning first i refuse to let it control my thoughts! love ya.

Ashlee said...

My folks have plenty of room and Snickers and Keaton would get along great!

Ben.. said...

Keaton likes to eat snickers

its her favorite...