Monday, October 22, 2007

fire fire everywhere..

some of you might have heard that a good part of san diego is on fire..
so far we are just fine - but there are about 8 fires in san diego right now - ben and i are both at home today just in case.. who knows what this crazy wind will do...
in addition to all the san diego fires there is also a fire southwest of Lake Arrowhead which started near Highway 18 and Bear Springs Road - right by my dad..
so.. dad, katie and the dog have been evacuated - and are on their way to our house.
so - if anyone is worried - or needs to get a hold of us - try to call our home phone.. we have been told to avoid using the cell phones..

so.. to update - we are fine -
but in san diego we can all use your prayers, happy thoughts, good wishes, rain dances - whatever else you got - send it all our way...

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