Tuesday, October 23, 2007

easy does it..

tonight we put dad and katie in charge of the house and dogs - and ben and i ventured outside to our friends the hobby's. it's strange.. two days stuck at home - and we are so over it.. - but at the same time it's been hard to leave the house.. with all the fires and the crazy wind it's hard to leave - because we just don't know what is really going on - and we don't want to leave in case something happens.. but.. tonight we heard that the rice fire was more contained - today helicopters were out and about dropping anti-fire stuff on the fire - so we were feeling better.. tonight was a nice break considering how stressful the last couple days have been.. even if ben and i haven't been evacuated - we've been fielding calls from multiple friends (and family) who need places to flee... of course we then get another call tonight that a different fire has started that we need to keep an eye on..
the latest update is that tonight - i should be sleeping easy.. as far as we have been told, unless crazy winds pick up over night - we should be fine.. the winds have died down, and should stay down through thursday...

so update for the night.. my family and i are a-ok.. we will continue to update as we know more.. but for now - somebodies prayers are working..

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