Tuesday, October 16, 2007


deborah calls today with an important question:
deborah - 'kai - what does brains look like'
me - 'hmmmm.. interesting question - kinda like gray slimy broccoli'
deborah - 'what is slimy?'
me - 'like spaghetti noodles' - and then i ask, 'where is the brain'
deborah - 'on your forehead' -
me - 'nope - put your hand on your head - and you will feel hair, and underneath that is something hard - your skull - and then your brains'
deborah - 'but kai i don't feel anything slimy'
goodness anatomy is hard to teach over the phone..

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LizardQueen said...

next time you see sissy and kids you should take her to the grocery store and show her some brains... or google like you said... maybe the store field trip would be traumatic.