Wednesday, October 24, 2007

holy fires batman

the update so far today -
we have a rather large fire, the witch fire' - to the south of us. - that one looks like it's moving west towards encinitas - and wouldn't worry me except that it has merged with another fire - and by itself is about 196,000 acres.. it just doesn't want to stop.. it is however 10% contained..
there is another fire to the east of us - in the fallbrook area - heading towards bonsal. some of you know that aunt tamie lives out that way - so far she is ok - and is ready to leave if need be. i will keep you updated on her status.
and we have a fire to the north on camp Pendleton - that fire doesn't so much worry me - except that the 5 freeway has been closed up to san clemente - so now we're kinda stuck surrounded by fires..

there are other fires further south - but these are the ones making me nervous right now.
so far we are all ok - we try not to go outside because the air quality is so bad. so for now we sit at home, keep an eye out, and try not to kill each other..

so keep sending your prayers, happy thoughts, and good mojo - there are plenty of people in san diego in need of it today..

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