Wednesday, January 25, 2006

crazy on you..

i have this instructor who is a little bit crazy...
there are only 90 students in the nursing program at my school.. because of this, most of our lecture classes happen in big halls with all 90 of us sitting together like one big happy family..not so this semester.. this time.. we have one class where we are split up.. half of us meet at 8am, the rest of us meet at 12pm.. this made 45 nursing students very unhappy.. you see we nursing students like to get up at 5am.. and get our day over with.. so every one of the 90 students wanted the 8am class.. of course that didn't work.. so.. every one in the 12pm class is trying to crash the 8am class...
here's where the 'crazy' professor steps in..
crazy professor states that, due to group projects, she'd like an even amount of students in both classes... she then, without having anyone drop the 8am class, added 7 people from the 12pm class... now she has too many people in the 8am course.. and she is unhappy with that.. and she is unhappy with those of us from the 8am course who refuse to move to the 12pm course.. she tried offering 4% extra credit for anyone willing to move, or for anyone who could come up with a solution to this problem..
the 4% extra credit didn't impress us..we didn't know what 4% extra credit even meant.. 4% of what? we weren't sure.. so we stayed put..
now she is super mad.. and informed us by email that she will hold a lottery system pulling 7 people out of the 8am class...
this is where i'm pretty sure our professor has lost it.. you can't pull students out of classes they have registered for just because you messed up and added people you shouldn't have..
this will not work for me.. i have a class directly after the 8am class that would conflict with the 12pm class..
if she tries this, and it works, and i get pulled out of class thanks to her genius lottery idea i'll be pretty upset, and i'll have to drop a couple other classes..
if this happens.. i just might drop nursing all together and go to work with ben's company.. he seems to be having a good time right now..
oh yeah.. this is the teacher who is giving us a not so secret pop quiz on the syllabus tomorrow.. has anyone ever been tested on a syllabus? i don't even know how to study a syllabus..


Emma said...

yeah, your prof is crazy... but chara get this- my whole academic life is nuts. we have finals now and a mandatory 5 day field trip to Laos during our alleged "dead week" and then not to mention that when we actually have the exams we have already begun the next semester's courses.... and i had a prof send us a "revised syllabus" for his class even though his class is the only class that we have actually finished the final. who knows what that's all about.
okay, that's enough. I am empathize though. Really. But don't drop out. :)

Emma said...

"I am empathize" is english I learned from thai people.

chara said...

emma you are very right.. don't worry.. i am in no danger of dropping out.. ben wont let me..
your adcademic life seems a lot crazier than mine..
atleast we don't have overlapping classes at SDSU.. and no revised syllabus after the class is completed..
and i am empathize with you emma..