Wednesday, January 04, 2006

Red Rock kicked my butt

So Bill (a guy i work with) and I came out to Vegas a day early to get in some climbing out at Red Rocks before we start the chaos that is the Consumer Electornic Show. so we get up the crack of dawn and head out to Red Rock, which is only like 20 minutes off the strip. So we get there and hike in, about an hour or so, with a ton of rock climbing gear on my back. We got lost and missed the trial so we made our own through the bushes and cactuses and big rocks and up big hills etc. I was dead tired and sweating like a pig when we got to the rock. Now the rock is in the shade which translates to colder than the coldest thing ever. Long story short, we get to climbing this 8 pitched climb, i forget the name of it. First pitch, my feed cramp up due to the extreme cold and i can't feel my hands... at all. second pitch, my legs give out, cramping up consistantly due to stress and cold. pitch 3-4, my arms give out, my hands are useless and my brain is mush at this point. it was then, that i decided i was done. and i a great decision it was too. my body barely functioned enough to rapell down. but all and all it was a beatiful day, and some good climbs, and a great excuse to get off the Las Vegas strip.

all that to say, Bill was a great climber, and we did have a fun day.

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