Wednesday, January 18, 2006

water water everywhere...

so... awhile ago ben decides that he was sick of refilling the dogs water bowl.. because some times he would forget.. and i would call him a bad dad.. and he didn't want to be a bad dad.. so he bought this wonderful self refilling water bowl.. all we had to do was hook this water bowl up to our hose.. and it will keep refilling the bowl forever and ever.. good idea.. right..
so this morning.. sadie comes in the house.. soaking wet.. all her paws are dripping with water.. ben thought this was a bit weird.. he didn't think it rained last night.. but whatever.. no big deal.. he then leaves for work.. going out into the front yard, he noticed that it did not, in fact, rain last night.. still he thought it was a little weird.. but whatever.. he went on to work..
so i get up.. and i'm in the computer room.. and keaton comes in soaking wet, and shaking water off her body.. well that's weird i thought.. it didn't rain last night. so unlike my perceptive husband who ignored those thoughts.. i went to investigate..
and i looked outside.. and i saw that the whole entire back yard was flooded with water.. it turns out.. that wonderful bowl that ben bought had broke some time last night.. and the hose had been separated from the bowl, and just keep filling our back yard with water all night long.. so... that's where all the water came from..
so i have spent the morning with a shop vac trying to unflood our backyard 16 gallons at a time.. and all the while i am doing this the dogs think it is a great time with the wet wonderland that is our back yard... keaton likes to take quick nips at the water hoping that she'll catch a fish.. and she likes to run and attack sadie while splashing water everywhere..
i have now moved gallons and gallons of water.. and i have managed to break the 'industrial strength' shop vac.. i don't know how.. it could be that keaton likes to attack it while it is vacuuming.. i don't know.. it could be that the poor shop vac is tired after all that work.. so for now i'm going to have to leave the back yard partially flooded..
so now i'm all wet and muddy.. and i would just like to say thanks to ben.. who saw the soaking wet dog and did nothing about it..

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