Tuesday, January 31, 2006

yet some more birth control courtesy of my sister

i was super busy yesterday.. because of this i didn't get a chance to answer my phone..
when i finally checked my messages this is what i got:
(from my sister) "hey chara.. just wanted to ask you a question.. isaiah swallowed a magnetic marble today.. actually it's a little bigger than a marble.. but either way he swallowed it.. he walked up to me, pointed to his mouth and said 'mommy swallow'.. i already called a nurse and she said he'd be fine.. but i wanted to know if you knew anything about this kind of thing.. anyways... call me and wake me up tonight if there is something i should know.. otherwise.. just keep laughing.. "

isaiah is fine.. actually went to the doctor.. who x-rayed his abdomen.. which was much more traumatic than actually swallowing the marble..

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