Friday, January 27, 2006

Two more things checked off my list

see a movie
go skiing

So I finally got to go see a movie today, and finally went skiing yesterday...

So I've been at Sundance 11 days now and I've finally gotten around to seeing a movie. So I head down to the Yarrow Theater to catch the press screening of the premiere of Alpha Dog.


What a crappy crappy movie that was.

Justin Timberlake needs to stick with the singing and dancing thing

Well at least I finally got to see a movie. Hopefully I'll get to see at least one more to try to redeem the movie going experience thus far.

and yes I did get to go skiing finally as well. We went out yesterday and it was awesome. And let me tell you about awesome

Awesome = free lift ticket ($78)
Awesome = free lunch by a private chef at a ski in ski out house right on the mountain (priceless)
Awesome = free stuff they give you at the house while you are just sitting there eating lunch (mostly crap, but its free crap)

I have some video I will try to edit and put up here later.

And its snowing like crazy now and I may get to go again tomorrow. I hope so...


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