Wednesday, October 01, 2008

Yummy yummy lobster

I may not have a job right now but i'm putting dinner on the table. Lobster Dinner!

step 1. catch a lobster. Did that last night.
step 2. Kill lobster. Not pretty, but required.
Step 3. Eat yummy yummy lobster. Thats how i'm taking care of the family.


Chelsea said...

Question.....who got the pleasure of eating the head? Were the eyes tested out?

Also, how did you decide which person would eat the head and which one would eat the tail? Was there a coin toss involved and if so, did the person who called out tails get to eat the tail?

Way to go are definately eating better than we are!

LizardQueen said...

ben= hunter and gatherer... what a manly man... now did you hit chara over the head and drag her to the bedroom when you guys finished dinner? ha ha ha ha ha. i make funny!

Alpha Lim said...

what, no "cook lobster" step?
is that some kind of a sashimi recipe?