Friday, October 17, 2008

Concrete is just messy

whether i'm cutting it out or putting it back it its just messy and not that fun. Especially the lugging around 90lb bags of concrete from the floor onto a cart, from the cart into the truck, from the truck through the window into the bathroom etc. Its just not fun.

Anyway finished the plumbing and put in the concrete to fill in the holes.


Health Habitat said...

I called code enforcement and they referred me to homeland security.

Homeland said for me to call that smell good plumber guy.

Be advised the you can no longer use your credit card at any rental center as it will be taken away.

Joe said something like calling Eric Estrada at the CHP, whatever that means?

Then the EPA got involved. Something 'bout putting "stuff" into the sewer and atmosphere.

Somehow we had a discussion regarding downloading misc information about cement.

I think I have spent more time reporting this injustice then you have spent on this job.

I have to talk to several more agencies to determine the depth of this infraction.

Oh I need your social security number as they will not photo your license plate.

Workers Comp wants to talk to me tomorrow. I have to call a guy named Jose Ramos as he has many friends at Home Depot.

Father in Law that wants to be safe guy.

Health Habitat said...

Ongoing saga continues.

I really do not know what happened as everyone of those that I called contacted somebody else and then they all called me.

So far this is what I have. Wells Fargo wants to finance this job. Something about no money down but they want warrants.

John McCain himself called and said that he would fix this.

Arnold called and wondered if sales tax had been paid on every item? He wondered if the load was hauled in an American Vehicle or foreign?

Eric Estrada called back and wants to sell you property in North Carolina, maybe he ain't with the CHP no more.

Then a really interesting thing happened. I am not really sure but Michael Moore wants to do a story about this. He said something about the downturn of Oceanside and how it relates the cattle industry. I am really trying to figure that one out.

Some gay guy called and said the colors are all wrong and gave me his direct line. He referred to the messy part.

Then Jerry Springer called and I told him to F#$k O^& and now he wants me there on Monday morning.

This is taking a lot of my time, THANKS.

Rhianon and Heath said...

Oh my gosh!!!!!
1. Your crazy project! I love the pics... brings back memories of living with you and putting holes in walls.
2. Is "health habitat" Chara's dad? That is soooo funny... we actually thought you were in big trouble for doing this project and weren't going to comment until we knew things were resolved and Chara was probably done freaking out. But we finished reading and were both rolling with laughter.
3. We miss you guys like crazy.
4. Can we spend New Years Eve in your new bathroom?... Pretty Please :)

Health Habitat said...

Well Springer is out. The agent called me this morning and apparently they thought 90 degree elbows had to do with human anatomy. They mistook holes on the floor as whores on the floor. I guess I talk fast. Sorry to get so graphic. I could have been a star.

So I have to let this go. I just tried to do the right thing as Dr Laura says.

Now I have to go to counseling. Keep up the good work.

I have to call that gay guy back as he will not let up.