Friday, October 31, 2008

tis the season

just another reason why halloween is so awesome..


Unknown said...

So I am at the store where I have been handing out candy since noon today....brilliant school district let the kids have a DAY OFF on HALLOWEEN!
I've got like 8010 pieces of candy in the store and not one bit of real food.
I've eaten so many of those little boxes of nerds that my tongue needs a transplant!!

katie, 'cuz the dad isn't brave enough for trick or treating. Sissy!

The Shib said...

Ok so is this good?
Cause in Japan they had "pumpkin" kit-kat. But it turned out that "pumpkin" meant squash. So it was squash flavored chocolate. And not the good squash either. It was rank.
I ate it anyways...

chara said...

no lisa - these things are amazing.. think the reeses eggs that come out every easter.. yum.. perfect proportion of chocolate to peanut butter..