Sunday, October 26, 2008

New window

nothing is easy with this project. This window especially caused me to say some bad words.

Here is the old hole for the shower window.

Here is me making that hole bigger.cutting stucco is super messy too
nice new big hole.
luckily i have the best neighbors in the world and Don showed up at just the right time as my wife ditched me to go shopping. Don and i put in the window. Here is Don's hand
and the window installed.
i need another day off already.


Anonymous said...

I must admit, I am impressed with your persistence and your ability to pull a excellent final product, and feel sorry for you at the same time.
Let me know when you run out of steam. I'll give you a couple days of help let me know, I have off tues, sat. afternoons and Sunday, I can do what ever you want. In a little over 3 weeks I have off 3 weeks.


Health Habitat said...

I can help too, Ben. "A little more to the left, down a bit" and "would you like a beer".