Monday, April 23, 2007

Where is my jetpack?

There is a new book out called "Where is my Jetpack?" that talks about the future and all the gadgets we were promised, but aren't here.

I heard the author speak the other day and it did amuse me and how far we've come yet how lacking our gadgets and technology is in some areas.

One gadget that we bought that i love is the Roomba. Now its not the whole Rosie the robot house cleaning maid we saw a child on the Jetsons, but its a great little device. It vacuums while we are away, and who wouldn't love that? If you have dogs, i highly recommend it. And while its not perfect, i think its important to be building these devices and to be researching new technologies. To that same effect, we just bought a Prius. Yes we are THOSE people now, but no i'm not moving to S.F. And again, while its not perfect its a step in a better direction, and its a step worth taking.

so that said, has a roomba on sale. Its just fun to watch this thing work.

we need to be working toward the future. I want my jetback, and a hover board!

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LizardQueen said...

i am converted i love the prius... although, it would be wicked awesoe if it had a force field? they lied... they lied about the future...1999 was supposed to bring so many great things!