Thursday, April 19, 2007

hide and seek

a couple months ago ben purchased a 'universal remote' - which is supposed to control all the stuff in our entertainment unit - and as always i rebelled.. i was very good with the old remotes.. and didn't want to learn anything new.. ben put up with it for quite a while.. until this week.. finally.. he hid my old remotes.. now he gives me no choice.. i must learn a new remote system.. i am not happy..


Ben.. said...

actually chara lost her other remote under a magazine sitting six inches from her chair

i found it and left it there for quite some time as she begrudgingly used the better remote

now i just put the old remote away and we both continue to use the new remote like one big happy family

LizardQueen said...

maybe you should get the universal remonsta!

you will only know what i am tlaking about if you saw that ATHF, i'm a big nerdy kid, sorry.

Ben.. said...

i didn't see that one yet

did you see the movie yet Lizard? we need to go see it and drag chara to it kicking and screaming

Rhianon and Heath said...

Yes, the good remote! Now, when we live with you again, I won't accedently use one of the 5 wrong remotes, shut off the cable and cancel the recording of Grey's Anatomy.... YES!!!!

Nice work Ben!

Anonymous said...

Heck, your Dad can teach you in 42 short lessons. It's all in the wrist and the attitude. Just point the sucker with determination, punch a button, and if it doesn't work curse at it. Push the button harder, circle your wrist. That's what he taught me. I just stand up and turn the damn channel.
He will still be repeating steps one 2 and 3 until he gives up and says it's not working and I should call the cable company. Being ever so obedient, I call them, get put on hold for 45 minutes, they come on the line, I hand him the phone. Then it suddenly works right. That's how we does it here in the mountains. It's the Papa Steve Way!!!