Tuesday, April 03, 2007

anger management

this is a bad week.. and it's only tuesday..
today thanks to nerissa, i realized that the paper i thought was due next friday, is actually due this friday.. this is a huge problem, because this paper is like 30 pages long, and a major pain... it wouldn't be so bad if i didn't have a test this thursday, which only gives me two small afternoons to do this paper, and tomorrow afternoon to study for this test... and i have a major test next tuesday - which i have no time to study for.. because some where this weekend i have to fit in easter.. actually easter might be canceled this year..
but.. i do have to say.. ben has been great.. he came home, brought me dr. pepper, a cadbury egg, made me dinner.. and then.. just as i was losing it, yelling at the printer.. he busted out some ben and jerrys.. what a good guy..
i just can't wait for this all to be over.. i have no idea what it's like to get home from an 8 hour day, and be done.. as it is now.. i get home from 8 hours of school, and i have another 6 hours of homework to do..

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LizardQueen said...

i love this post and cadbury eggs but ben should know that the true way to a woman's heart and anger control is a d to the p and a caramello...


that's anger management.

oh, and i have a 12-step anger workout book. i'm thinking i need to bust that out and start "working it" at the end of this semester. maybe you should join. ha ha