Tuesday, April 10, 2007

Temet Nosce

Know thyself.

I think its important to know who you are. Know what you are good, at and almost more importantly know what you are not good at.

i am not a boat person. I should know i'm not a boat person. The problem is i forget. I got on a boat trip once every two years and have a horrible time and then proceed to forget how bad it was and want to go on another boat trip.

I am not a boat person. That is my new motto. I don't do boats. I will never sail around the world. I'm just not that guy. And its ok. I need to know that, and more importantly remember that.

I am still dizzy...


1 comment:

LizardQueen said...

heard about the horrors of the ocean. jimmy can do boats but not deep sea style. or his fate is major sickness. stick with the shores, ahoy!

when shall running club meet again? although, you pretty much kick our butts anyway. you are like the pacer rabbit and charo and i, we are the dogs.