Thursday, March 15, 2007

you know what i hate..

when you've been working on this 29 page paper for hours and hours.. and you just want to be done.. but you can't print it.. because you used your new lap top.. and your new lap top has windows vista - and windows visa will not recognize your printer.. so.. thinking you are all smart.. and about to be done.. you email the paper to yourself.. and then you try to print it.. only your other computer - the one that the printer will recognize- doesn't recognize your paper - because this computer doesn't have the windows vista program to open your paper.. and then you yell at ben.. because clearly.. this is all his fault.. and then some how is a genius.. and he fixes it..
damn you bill gates.


Anonymous said...

"Damn you Bill Gates" is my motto. He even loses my glasses for me!
PS your Dad is the greatest, just wanted to say!

Anonymous said...'s Kelly Hawekotte. I think we were having the exact same Vista/printer issue at the exact same time. Amazing.