Wednesday, March 21, 2007

chara's horoscope

not that i give any credence to horoscopes.. but..
today's google horoscope:
You have likely grown tired of your daily grind and now seek the simplicity of retreat. This isn't, however, about going backwards; it's about moving into a less complicated future. Today, it's surely "back to basics" so find new ways to finish your chores faster and you'll have your downtime to relax.

how did google know i don't want to study any more? i'm so tired of doing this.. i can't wait for it all to be over.. 3 more days till spring break..


Anonymous said...

I'm so glad you'll be getting a break!
We made a little bit of headway yesterday with the house/studio project. It's funny what a person will settle for when they just want the job done.We still have the dreaded electrical to be done or do. I guess I should have taken some electrician classes in college? But the daffodils are starting to bloom on the mountain, all a beautiful yellow.Your Dad is so cute, and he's trying so hard to fix this one electrical thing, and it's just not working.As soon as this one guy gets back into town (an actual electrical contractor) he is coming here. It is so crazy having my manufacturing products all over the place. It's a;; spread out between 5 different places, and it's insane to try to make any products.
Soon, it will be done and i can really get to doing what i do best.
Oh, and on a cute kid note, 5 year old tristin is digging for buried treasure nwith the plastic shovel I got him.O can't wait until Easter!!!

LizardQueen said...

and spring break officially begain 3 minutes ago...(if you did not get out early or late!) woo hoo... it feels good, yeah, it feels goood...