Saturday, March 17, 2007

the kind of thing you deal with when your a parent

on tuesday i got a call from cypress high school telling me that my kid had missed school/been truant. at first i thought i was funny.. i told ben that one of the doggies skipped school..
and we both laughed.. but then i got the same call on wednesday, and thursday, and twice on friday.. now it's not funny anymore.. i get the automated called around 7pm.. meaning i can't call the cypress high school and tell them they have the wrong number.. and then today i got the call that told me my poor kid was suspended for truancy.. and the nice man on the automated call tells me that i really need to call back or my kid will be disciplined further.. so it turns out that i don't even have kids, and i'm a bad mom..


the cowells said...

I wonder if they have doggie boot camps to get your troubled dogs back in line and back in school.

Anonymous said...

Soooooooo, this kid put your phone number on his emergancy card..Maybe you can claim him on your taxes???