Monday, March 19, 2007

truancy: failure to attend (especially school)

i finally got a chance today to call the admission department of the high school - where my kid apparently is skipping, and now suspended.. it didn't go as well as i thought,

me: umm.. i keep getting this automated call telling me that my child has been skipping school, and the thing is - i don't have children - and unless my puppies are missing school - i don't think you've got the right number

admission lady(not impressed by my humor): you don't have any kids that go to our high school?

me: no - i don't have any kids that go to your high school - i don't have any kids at all

admission lady(still not getting my humor): well, do you know any kids that go to our school

me: no - i don't - the thing is - i'm thinking that my number got put into your automated system by accident (which to me totally makes sense - because some one had to input hundreds of seven digit phone numbers into this system, perhaps they got one or two wrong)

admission lady(thinking i'm an idiot): so you don't know anyone who goes to our school?

me: the thing is, no i don't - i have no kids, i don't know any kids, i live in san diego - not orange county - i am no where near your school - i'm pretty sure this is just a data entry error..

admission lady(still skeptical): ok, give me the number, and we'll look into it..

yeah.. perhaps this is why california is not so much in the top ten of schools that succeed in actually teaching children.. it took me twenty minutes to clear up something that should have been taken care of in three -

and.. then around 7pm, i find out the admission lady did no such clearing up - and my kid is still in trouble for skipping school, and i'm still in trouble for being a bad parent, and not calling..


LizardQueen said...

well, let's hope this poor kid is not missing or anything. maybe the fact that you sound so young and beautiful has something to do with your unbelievability...i also called them and told them you were lying... that may have something to do with it too...oops.

herblady said...

I think you should get on the tv show Nanny911, where parents get help with their troublesome kids!

dave said...

as a teacher, i am shocked that you would take such a cavalier attitude towards your child's poor attendance record. i am writing now to inform you that as of this time, your child is being processed under the becca bill which can result in monetary fines for you, the parents, if they continue to be truant from school. (so, you better get your act together!)