Sunday, January 21, 2007

it's cold outside..

ben and i made it to utah and we had a blast.. ben is in park city for sundance.. but i got to tag along..

we took a day off to ski/snow board.. it started snowing half way though - it was awesome.. it was like snowboarding in warp speed..

ben and i all bundled up.. it was dang cold..

ahh.. sundance.. super cool movies.. that no one gets to see..

all in all it was a good time.. however.. i am so glad to be home.. i came home.. all by myself (on an airplane no less) - thanks to trevor and loan who picked me up from the airport.. and thanks to heath and rhiannon who had an amazing dinner (ribeyes, and veggies) made when i got home and don and lou who made home made ├ęclairs for me.. really.. i have great family/friends/neighbors.. i love you all.. you guys are what i miss when i'm away from home (and of course the puppies. i miss them too..).. Posted by Picasa

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