Tuesday, January 16, 2007

didnt' see that coming..

taken from the fabulous book 'Stiff: The Curious Life of Cadavers' by the genius Mary Roach -
when a car is in an accident:
'steering columns are now meant to collapse on impact absorbing enough of the shock to prevent serious injury - Hoods are now designed to do this too... the idea being that the more the car crumples the less you do'
and thank God it did..


driving home from my sisters on thursday night, i was making a left turn on a green arrow, when another guy decided to run through a red light, hitting me... both my airbags deployed.. and i was pretty freaked out.. but fine.. i'm fine.. i have one bruise on my knee, and my back was achy for a while.. but other than that i am fine.. the car took all the force of the impact..

it was pretty scary.. but oceanside PD and Fire department where there within minutes.. and they were wonderful.. just great.. and kind.. i could not have asked for nicer people.. Posted by Picasa


The Shib said...

sweet mother...glad to hear you are ok.
im sending you nonwhiplash vibes....or something else not so stupid...

the cowells said...

I'll say it again, there are easier ways to get a new car.

Anonymous said...

I don't think your Dad could look at those pictures!
I'm thanking God right now that you are ok!

Anonymous said...

Relieved that you're all right!