Saturday, January 27, 2007


i was listening to NPR the other day.. and i heard that UPS got a new navigation system thingy that plots out the most effective routes.. and also as much as it can - eliminates left hand turns. .. which i thought was crazy.. but apparently left hand turns waste gas.. and are way more dangerous.. like crazy dangerous.. because people tend to run red lights.. and hit people turning left... which i tought was nice to know.. after the fact..
this is the lesson.. when coming up to a red left turn light.. try to a) get behind another car or b) hesitate for a while before turning..

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Anonymous said...

this morning when driving into nthe store it was a bit icy from snow last night. As I came to the spot where I had my accident there was a 4 car pile up, with the last car pushing the first car off the road, and rolling. There were firetrucks and all kinds of emergancy vehicles, and flares burning. I passed and pulled to the side of the ropad to just say a prayer and breathe4. Along came 3 cars just whipping past me, like they hadn't just seen this terrible accident. Made it to the store safe tho, and we just MIGHT have a stove in the kitchen by tonight!