Saturday, January 27, 2007

I'm so ready to be home

I've been crazy busy so i haven't posted in a while.

I've been traveling since January 3rd and i'm so ready to be home.

First it was 12 days of Last Vegas for CES

and 12 days of Vegas is way too much for any one human to endure... They made me party way too much.

then it was straight to Utah for Sudance Film Festival where it was even colder than vegas and very exhausting.

I've been here for 14 days now and i'm so done. I leave tomorrow, which is awesome, but i'm ready to leave now.

but i did get to meet up with some friends from last year and meet some new friends from this year.

Thats me and Paul and Nate, two guys who both biked over 10,000 miles for two separate documentaries and our new adventure filmmaker JB who we met at the Northface house. Yes thats a house made out of Ice with North Face and Lexus and a few other brands handing out schwag.

I got to meetup with my Northface friends from last year and they introduced us to a bunch of cool people including JB who we hung out with the rest of the festival. We also did get to go skiing a couple of days. Deer valley was amazing, but i was stupid and didn't have my camera with me. We also went to Snowbird which wasn't as nice, but i'd never been before so it was still fun.

Here is me in my new jacket from Christmas. Its orange and beautiful.

I'll post more pictures when i get them from people who actually had their cameras on them.

I'm ready to be home now with Chara and the puppies and my bed and warm southern california weather, and fish tacos.


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