Saturday, January 21, 2006

Ben and Chara at Sundance

Welcome to the snowy town of Park City Utah.

A normally quiet town for 50 weeks a year, the Sundance film festival brings in thousands of visitors from out of town to watch some movies, take in some parties, and wear thier fuzzy boots.

Chara and I are in Park City Utah for the Sundance Film Festival. Chara is only in town for a few days then she has to return for school. I am here for 10 days for work.(see video below) But its nice having Chara in town for the weekend. Today in fact is my birthday. And not just any birthday, but the big 30. But I'm in Park City, its snowing out, and we are going on a nice sleigh ride dinner up to this mountain lodge tonight. Not bad... Not bad at all.


stay tuned, more video blog covereage to come


DigitAl56K said...

An old man like you shouldn't be out in the cold like that Ben!

Happy 30th ;)


dave said...

believe it or not, i actually knew it was your birthday, but also knew you were in utah. i was doing work for grades this weekend, and when i picked up my calendar, BOOM! there it was on the 21st "ben cote's birthday". so, happy birthday!! a bit late, and over the net, but there it is just the same!