Friday, April 11, 2008

team player

41 days, 13 horus, 48 minutes, 32 secnds till freedome.. so close..

the crew at photo day..
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Chelsea said...

Brandon wants to know why there are never any hot nurses when he goes to the doctor.

Chelsea said...

Yeah chara....I am so happy for you....can't wait to see you in 41 days! I'm getting my tan on (yes Kim...the kind with no lines)

chara said...

i know.. aren't my ladies super hot? i only hang out with hotties. it's how i roll..

LizardQueen said...

we are also the coolest kids in class. 2 cool 4 school! no pale pork loins on these ladies. also... photo which documents the day Jackie got her job!!!!

we started a new association...

Hot Nurse Association. Recruiting hotties daily.

Meet you and Brandon in Mexico Chelsea!