Friday, April 25, 2008

2 week-ish diet update

Diets blow

That is all.


Chelsea said...

You are now telling me this after convincing B and I to go on it. It may have not been a direct convincing, but you had me at hello on your blog ok. And come on....where is the motivation? You are suppose to give me confidence in going into the second week. We haven't even had our splurge day yet...not till Sunday.

On a lighter note.....I had to get out the pants from the back of the closet....yes I went down a size or two in my jeans. Whoo Hoo..... the great words of Keith.

Kimberly said...

whoo hoo!
I'm gonna go have some more ice cream!

Anonymous said...

I'll trade you that diet for my busted up ankle. it sucks!

Ben.. said...

i have a crappy diet AND a busted up ankle too.

they both suck

ankle is getting better. and just made an awesome looking salad.

Anonymous said...

no one is listing their start weights or current drops? i think i saw you say 150 or something ben. just thought i'd see since i am sucha old fatty at this point, and could use some motivating too.
dave (and dawn)

Kimberly said...

I just want everyone to realize that I was not the one rubbing it in that I was going to go have more ice cream. Keith needs to pay better attention to who is signed in on blogger before he leaves his nasty little remarks! %^}

chara said...

ah hah - that did sound a little more like keith then kim..
pretty sneaky of him to post divisive under someone else's name..
tsk tsk keith - tsk tsk..

Anonymous said...

don't tsk tsk me. I'm not a cat.